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Vancouver Roofing: How to Determine the Price of Roof Repair?

Roof repairs can be quite expensive. In fact, until roofers come to visit your home, it is really hard to say how much the fixes will cost. Oftentimes, homeowners are not prepared for the costs and have to prolong scheduled repairs. This can be a real problem if you decided to take some time off work and you cannot finish the job.

Ideally, you need to get informed in advance.

While you cannot say with certainty how much a particular fix will cost, we can at least make an approximation based on several factors. When it comes to Vancouver, these costs are influenced by the local prices of material, service as well as roofing permits.

Here are seven main factors that you need to take into consideration!

1. Material being used

The material is always the first consideration when planning roof repairs. While some other prices can be modified, or bargained, it is really hard to find material at a cheaper cost than expected. Yes, there is an option of importing it but it usually comes the same (that is, if you can find a cheaper one than that you can find in Vancouver). Like most of North America, asphalt shingles are the most popular products being used. They are the cheapest one and can easily be planned for. However, there are lots of homes in Vancouver that use slate, tiles or something else. Ideally, when starting the process, you need to find the store from which you will buy the roofing material. Its usually doesn’t fluctuate that often so even if you decide to perform fixes one year from that moment, you can expect that the costs of material will be very similar if not the same.

2. The extent of repairs

Of course, we also have to consider the extent of repairs. If a whole section of your roof has been damaged, the costs will be much higher than if it was just a few shingles or tiles. Needless to say, as the surface grows, the amount of material needed as well as the hours of work will significantly increase. Keep in mind that this is just a rough estimate. For example, if you noticed a leak and have seen that a section of your roof needs a repair, a handyman may discover some additional issues that require your immediate attention. No matter what, you have to prepare for the worst. Always keep a few thousand dollars more just in case.

3. Vancouver roofing service fee

Roof repairs are no laughing matter. The roof is crucial for the whole structure of your home and even the smallest mistake can affect its integrity. For example, hiring roofers that don’t have experience with a particular material or have misjudged its weight can cause a collapse. This is why you shouldn’t skim when hiring a roofing company in Vancouver. There are lots of great roofing contractors working in the Vancouver area; all you have to do is browse the internet and find the right one according to your needs. If needed, be prepared to pay extra just to have a good team of experienced professionals on site.

4. Consider permits

When performing such a big construction repair, you have to get all the appropriate documentation to start the project. The costs vary from city to city; costs of a permit in Vancouver is very similar to the rest of Canada. Keep in mind that the size of the home is another factor that needs to be considered when getting a permit. Bigger houses are charged more. Also, if you want to perform some additional actions, this will also cost you some extra money. Basically, the more you do, the more it costs. For this, you will have to get up to a few hundred dollars more.

5. Additional constructions

People oftentimes like to add some details while doing their roof. They might want to install some additional structures on the top of their roof which always adds to the final bill. With every addition, your costs will rise. It is very hard to say how much will this be; in the end, you’re the one who’s making the modification! Make sure to create a proper plan beforehand and check how much this material might cost. Sometimes, homeowners decide to make these additions at the last moment. Unfortunately, as they may be pricey, they might put themselves in a situation where they cannot pay for these modifications.

6. Unpredicted accidents and damage

Rarely, even though the Vancouver roofing company has assessed damage, something unpredicted may happen at the site. A certain part of the roof may collapse or show signs of extensive damage. Bear in mind that this doesn’t necessarily have to happen due to lack of roofer’s experience. Instead, it just might be one of those cases that you cannot control. If that happens, your whole budgeting plan falls in the water. Suddenly, you will have to account for much more than what you bargained for. This is why you always have to stash several thousands of dollars aside in case something like this occurs. While you do have the option of waiting some more time to address the newly-discovered problem, it is much better to perform a complete repair while at it.

7. Season and weather

We cannot emphasize enough how urgent these repairs may be. In some cases, you will have to address them within the same month. Of course, this may place some additional strain on your home budget. These costs may also be affected by the season and the weather. If the conditions are poor, it is much more troublesome to perform these repairs. Just imagine having to work outside during a heavy snow! Needless to say, the Vancouver roofing company will charge you more in these situations so you might also need to account for that.


If you have a home somewhere in Vancouver and need to do roof repairs, these are the main factors that might affect your final costs.

Oftentimes, it is hard to account for everything; some additional damage can be discovered and weather conditions can also play a role. No matter what, it is always better if you have some additional money on the side.

Hopefully, these tips will help you make the initial assessment and start planning!

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