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For us, it is very important to do the job correctly and we do not want you to waste your money. With DoItRightRoofing, we guarantee that our service is affordable yet will last and keep your family safe and protected for years. Just a reminder — don’t be fooled by cheap Vancouver roofing service that will end up costing you more money at a later date!

We offer these services in Vancouver, BC:

  • Repair of damaged roofs
  • Replacement of problematic roof areas
  • Installation of new roofs
  • Maintenance of old and new roofs
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Cleaning Solar Panels
  • and Emergency Roofing Services

*** We do all of these in both Residential and Commercial properties.

Leaky roof problem?

Too often the roof is the last thing we think about until an unexpected leak begins to cause costly damage. Then it can be a devastating project requiring an immediate action. With DoItRightRoofing, one call from you and our roofers will be right there in front of your door to do the fast and yet sturdy relief for your leaky roof.

Got one of these roof problems?

  • Failing or deteriorating shingles
  • Roof buckling
  • Leaking gutters-ice damming
  • Leaking flashings and chimneys
  • Exposed nails
  • Blow of shingles

Now, say goodbye to these roof headaches!

One thing that we would like you to keep in mind — From inspection up to the ending process, you’ll be asked to check our works and see if it meets your expectations and if you’re satisfied with it. If it’s a yes, then we’ll gladly give you a piece of advice on what’s the best thing to do to keep your roof sturdy and last long. If it’s a no (but honestly, we are confident that it won’t be a “no”), then rest assured that we won’t constrain you because we are committed in our 100% money back guarantee.

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