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Roof Replacement And Reroofing – What’s The Difference?

Roofs are one of the most important parts of our homes.

However, they are constantly neglected. People are too lazy or unwilling to check them out from time to time so once the leak occurs, it is already too late. The damage may be too extensive and you’re forced to call a roofing company to assist you.

But here is where the problem occurs: you might not realize the full extent of damage. Do you need a maintenance or a smaller repair? Perhaps you need a whole reroofing?

Roofer without a conscious will take advantage of this offering more than you need. So, the best way to counter this is by learning more about common roofing procedures, in particular, roofing and roof replacement.

What sets them apart? Why are they different? Read this article to find out!

What is reroofing?

Most people think that reroofing is a process where you completely change your roof but this isn’t true.

Reroofing is the cheaper alternative to roof replacement. Instead of changing your whole roof, you just need to address a part of it. Basically, during reroofing, contractor will place a set of new shingles over the previous ones.

Keep in mind that reroofing can only be done once. If there are two sets of shingles, you cannot place another set on top of them. Reroofing is a way of patching your roof until you’re ready to completely replace it.

What is roof replacement?

As the name implies, during roof replacement you will completely change your existing roof.

First of all, roofer will have to remove everything. After that, new felt paper and shingles will be placed. The whole process can be quite expensive and can take lots of time. It is the final solution in case nothing else can be done for your roof and you’re forced to tear it down altogether.

When should you choose reroofing?

Both of these processes have their pros and cons.

The most important thing to consider when it comes to reroofing is that this process is much cheaper than roof replacement and takes considerably less time. It is ideal for roofs that have shown signs of decay but can still go for several more years.

Reroofing is a quick fix that allows you to focus on a particular section of the roof.

When should you avoid reroofing?

If there is too much water damage, humidity, or if the base shingles are missing in a large number, perhaps it’s better to simply cut your costs are remove everything.

While reroofing seems great for worn down roofs, keep in mind that you should avoid it if based of the roof has started showing signs of decay. There is no sense in putting an additional layer over a rotten layer of shingles; it won’t solve the issue but just deepen it. In fact, adding an additional set of shingles will cause more pressure which will affect the whole structure of your home making the issue even more problematic.

Although reroofing seems as a good solution for patching areas of the roof, it can also lead to specific issues. For example, the biggest problem is the fact you will be hard pressed to find exactly the same material. This will result in your roof having different levels of thickness and appearance impacting the overall aesthetics.

Reroofing is a bit tricky as you cannot be certain about the state of the basic layer. Ideally, you should call an experienced roofer that can assess the situation and recommend the best course of action. Furthermore, driving nails through 2 layers of shingles can be a bit tricky and will force you to make additional modifications.

Last considerations

Reroofing might seem as a great way of saving money but there are lots of hidden traps to it.

First and foremost, you need to be really proficient regarding the roofs so you can assess the situation properly. Otherwise, you might be forced to pay a contractor to assess the situation for you. Even then, there is a risk that the current state of the roof cannot take another layer of shingles on top of it. In that sense, reroofing has a very limited use.

Nevertheless, you can always rely on roof replacement as the ultimate solution. No matter what, you can rely on a new set of shingles that are properly installed on a new roof. There is basically nothing wrong with this approach except the fact you will pay some more money.

With these tips and tricks, you know exactly what to look for. Hope they helped!

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